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About Sheen

Sheen London is a fashion brand founded in London, with a focus on design and quality. The designs incorporate a blend of streetwear, shapewear and beautiful silhouettes which are created using beautiful, high quality fabrics. This combination of texture and style creates unique pieces that last.

Sheen London believes in creating long lasting pieces that can be styled in many ways and become staple pieces in your wardrobe, never just wearing things once! Its' all about feeling good and looking good, no matter your shape or size, also incorporating shapewear into many of our pieces. 

Check out the signature Sheen London tracksuit for a piece guaranteed to give you body confidence.



A bit about Me...

Hey I'm Sheena, founder of Sheen London

I’m also the designer, creative director, photographer, model, admin, packer - Sheen LDN is a one woman show so here’s a bit about me and why I started the brand

I was always customising clothes at university & reinventing old pieces as I couldn't afford to buy new clothes!

I also wanted to look different to everyone else with my styling; what better way than to create unique pieces (rather than throw things out & send them to landfill)

Fast forward a year - I was a graduate in marketing, living back at home and working full time in the industry! I was also freelancing unpaid as a stylist to gain experience


Out of the blue, I slipped a disc in my lower back which meant I was in constant pain and couldn't move or walk – torture!

My dream and passion of styling (where I had to be on my feet for 16 hours a day) was crumbling. 

I was devastated as I was told my back problem was chronic and no surgery was possible


I refused to give up the dream of working in fashion so I started customising items again & selling on Depop 

Totally surprised, the first jacket sold! I was over the moon but I’m always pushing for more & thought about how to push it further

Back then, I had ZERO knowledge & struggled to find the help needed so I figured I had to do this on my own.

I finally found someone to create my samples and tbh - I got completely mugged off!

£500 later, I had a sample made from a discontinued fabric & that was it… no one could stop me! I had a vision and that was all that mattered.

The first collection was manufactured in London where I visited the factory every day after work until late in the evenings – I was exhausted but eager to learn!

The excitement to have the product ready got me through!  When it released online it sold really well, customers asked for more colours & sizes were selling out (plus no returns!)


Sheen London was born.


A HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported Sheen London so far

Your feedback is invaluable so pls don’t hesitate to pop over an email or DM – every single message is read & genuinely appreciated!

Follow me @sheen.ldn on Instagram if you want to keep up to date with all the BTS!